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    With established roots in three geographical areas (Hampton Roads, Northern North Carolina, and Richmond),Cox-Powell is a leading and professional full-service HVAC contractor with established history back to 1946.   During the down turn of World War II Col (Ret.) William A. Cox Jr. began cutting his teeth on providing a full-service HVAC repair and install company in a bustling region in Southeast Virginia.

    Throughout the years of strategic acquisition and established professionalism, John Kerner, an eager entrepreneur, has brought the company to new heights with innovative advancements and a penchant for pride and quality craftsmanship.  Cox-Powell has established markets in the HVAC arena consisting of Indoor Air Quality, Chiller & Boiler Repair, Thermography, Electrical lighting and wiring installations, and HVAC Environmental Controls.  Cox-Powell has recently celebrated 75 years in business.   You can learn more about our history here.

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