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Cox-Powell is pleased to offer a cutting edge building automation systems (BAS) department.  Let our BAS & Controls Experts maximize your building’s heating and cooling systems!
Cox-Powell also offers the only in-area Key2Act Connect® preventative monitoring services.  

Building Automation Systems & Controls

Since 1946, Cox-Powell energy management systems and mechanical maintenance solutions for the non-residential market. Due to constant changes in our industry, staying up to date and providing the most energy efficient tools for our customers is our priority.

As a property management company or building owner, you’ve made investments in building automation, metering and systems to control your building. You’re managing your building operations with Building Automation System (BAS) alarms, comfort calls and metering dashboards that can inform you that a problem may exist. However did you know there are ways to be pro-active in the management and monitoring of your electro-mechanical components and HVAC equipment?

In a world of being proactive, our partnered Key2Act Connect® monitoring system can be a valuable addition to any maintenance agreement with timely and accurate reporting of faulty, or potential faulty components.  Mechanical equipment runs at peak performance when it’s first commissioned, but over time performance begins to decline, resulting in higher energy costs and more costly repairs. Connect® continuously gathers and analyzes equipment data, which means building equipment can be monitored on a real-time basis. That allows continuous commissioning of the buildings and the assets you manage. As equipment health begins to deteriorate, the insights delivered by Connect® allow you to take immediate action to bring performance back up to peak.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives, also known as VFD, control the frequency or speed at which motors operate, resulting in energy savings. It has been proven that energy cost savings with variable torque can be significant, often paying for the cost of a VFD within a matter of months. It is estimated that drive technology is adopted in as many as 30-40% of all newly installed motors.

We Install Variable Frequency Drives In…
• Building Exhaust Fans
• Make-up Air Fans
• HVAC Return Air Fans
• Cooling Tower Fans
• HVAC Supply Air Fans
• Chilled & Condenser Water Pumps

Cutting Edge Partnership

Cox‐Powell has been designing and installing building automation systems, with the purpose of maximizing customer comfort satisfaction, since 1946. Our focus is based on meeting the customers’ needs and providing state of the art service, design and installation. From the design of a system to handle a small freestanding building or a total solution for multiple buildings Cox- Powell and Honeywell have the optimal solution design for your needs.

Cox‐Powell and Honeywell have developed a relationship enabling Cox-Powell to provide the best Building Automation Control Solutions available in
the industry. Honeywell Controls have an open protocol platform that allows multiple contractors to gain access, service, and installation, giving Building Owners flexibility when choosing a controls contractor.

With Honeywell Controls in place, Cox-Powell customers are able to evaluate how their equipment and electrical systems are performing and where changes can be made for improvement to lower operating costs of their facilities. You can achieve significant energy and operational cost savings with Honeywell Controls.

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Air-Side Economizers

Air-side economizers can save energy in buildings by using cool outside air as a means of cooling the indoor space. When the enthalpy of the outside air is less than the enthalpy of the re-circulated air, conditioning the outside air is more energy efficient then conditioning recirculated are.
Air-side economizers can reduce HVAC energy costs in cold and temperate climates while also improving indoor air quality.


Automation and the “Internet of Things”

With technology at the forefront of everything we do, your HVAC and Building Automation should be any different?
Let’s talk about how we can help modernize your building or facility for the future. 

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