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Cooling towers and evaporative condensers have an integral role in the cooling of large scale HVAC applications.  At Cox-Powell, our experience with cooling towers is unmatched, and we can provide a solution to your cooling needs.   

Full Service Contractor

Cox-Powell can service and maintain your cooling tower or evaporative condenser as well as design and install a new cooling tower to meet your facilities needs.  We service a wide variety of hydronic systems consisting of:

  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal

Cooling Towers

Cooling tower applications ranges from indoor comfort control to chilled water for production processes.

Cox-Powell provides cooling solutions for air conditioning, industrial processes and refrigeration. 

-Design, installation, and service
-Conversion and retrofit
-Systems analysis and evaluation

Installation of new cooling towers
Technician pressure washing cooling tower

Water Quality Testing

Water quality is one of the most important aspects to extracting heat from the air you are cooling in a cooling tower.  Good quality water is essential to the lifespan and efficiency of your system and the health of your employees and customers.

Let’s discuss the water quality of your cooling tower or existing system today!

Sample Projects

Over a weekend replaced cooling tower at national retailer location. Work included removing the existing 450 ton cooling tower, re-piping the system, installing the new cooling tower and had the system on-line by Monday before staff arrived.

Designed and installed a 1200 ton, stainless steel, Evapco cooling tower. The regional newspaper’s production facility had corrosion problems with the previous unit due to the proximity to the oceanfront so a stainless steel tower was selected. The work included structural steel fabrication, design and installation of all new electrical and control systems. Time frame constraints limited demolition and new work schedule to a 10 day shut down – schedule met with 3 days to spare!

Replaced a 40+ year old wood cooling tower at a hotel with a new 250-ton Marley cooling tower. Work included removal and proper disposal of asbestos fill  from the cooling tower, fabrication of a new tower support, all new schedule 40 PVC supply and return water piping to existing line outside the building, new make-up water and drain line piping and new electrical branch circuit to outside the building.

Rebuilt a 2000-ton tower providing water to the production chillers in a brewery. Completely refurbished 450 and 650 ton towers for main office of regional newspaper. Performing this work will add 5 to 10 years to the life of the towers. Rebuilt a 250-ton unit for a multi-use synagogue / school / recreation center.


Cooling towers play a vital role in many commercial & industrial facilities HVAC systems.  Conversely,they must be properly serviced, cleaned & maintained to operate at maximum efficiency.  Experience the Cox-Powell difference for all of your Cooling Tower services.

Our Cooling Tower Services Include:

  • Cooling Tower Service & Repair
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Cooling Tower Water Testing & Treatment
  • Cooling Tower Replacement


Cooling Towers by and large accumulate a lot of dirt, debris, and general crud from the air. Due to the inherent nature and operating environment of Cooling Towers a good thorough cleaning is conducted by our technicians according to your maintenance contract and service schedule.  Cleaning services performed consist of a thorough washing of fill cells and the interior framework of tower basin to breakdown all mineral buildup.   The tower is typically drained during this process and the tower basin is thorough cleaned of all buildup and scaling.

Inspection & Evaluation

Whether this is a new Cooling Tower, or one that has served valiantly through years all components are thoroughly inspected.  Common wear-out components such as belts, bearings, drive shafts, transmissions, fans, motors and couplings are extensively inspected and replaced as necessary.   Corrosion and rust are also removed from plumbing and components are repaired and preventative compounds apply.   Our technicians take great pride in ensuring a job well done thus ensuring the life of your cooling tower.

Why Cox-Powell?

Our cooling tower technologies combined with our top-notch experienced technicians have made us a competitive and growing force in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas. At Cox-Powell, we value our commitment to maintaining the highest level of service, satisfaction, and quality care to our customers.

No matter the market, whether it be military buildings, hospitals, hotels, chemical plants, government facilities and so much more, we have the know-how, experience, and mechanical capabilities to meet the most stringent needs.   As a dedicated team of professionals, we take the utmost pride and confidence in the work we do.

Full Service Maintenance Process

At Cox-Powell we strive to provide top-notch service regardless of the type of equipment we are working on.   When it comes to your Cooling Towers we have relied on extensive experience and comprehensive checklists.   Under our CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Programs our technicians conduct maintenance to the highest standards.

Operational Verification

Much more than just a simple power application to the unit, our experienced and trained technicians will monitor the unit for unusual noises, excessive vibrations, water leaks, and general disrepair.   The verification results along with major repair recommendations are annotated and informed to the customer by way of a call summary or official inspection report.

CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan

Cooling towers, water quality testing, and cooling tower inspections are also apart of our CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan.
Contact us below and we can evaluate your current maintenance contract and let us show you The Cox-Powell Difference!

Cooling Tower Maintenance




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Gain piece of mind and security with a Cooling Tower Maintenance Program.

Many industrial processes generate significant quantities of heat which must be dissipated as quickly as possible to prevent damage to sensitive equipment as well as prevent defects in the quality of finished products. At Cox-Powell you will notice the difference right away.   With our CARE SERVICE® maintenance program you will receive timely and attentive care to all of your equipment.  With a detailed and accurate maintenance inspections, we go the extra mile so your equipment doesn’t have to.  Since Industrial chillers are heat exchange machines with a lot of moving parts and components it is vital to ensure the life of your system by ensuring it is maintained properly.

Find out more about our CARE SERVICE® maintenance program here!

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