Customer Portal Signup

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Cox-Powell is pleased to announce the rollout of our new Office 365 Customer Portal. The customer portal will afford customers a wide variety of new features. This is an expansive project that will continuously be evolved with useful features for building maintenance managers and facility support personnel.


• Near real-time view of maintenance activities such as Call Summaries
• Ability to reprint Call Summaries
• Generated Invoices for billing
• Signed customer contracts
• Equipment listings and locations
• Customizable Power Analytics outlining problematic equipment
• And more!


Since this project is powered by an Office 365 environment users must have a Microsoft Account to verify and validate access. If your environment already operates on the Office 365 platform then nothing more is needed. However, if another provider is used, then customers will have to sign up for a free Microsoft account with their organizational email address listed within our records. Generally, your IT Department or Managed IT Support company can verify this information.

*Users can sign up for a free Microsoft Account here: Create Microsoft Account


*NOTE: The email address must be in our MS Dynamics system. The customer should ideally use the email address that is receiving call summaries when a maintenance action is completed.

Upon submission and verification of the information provided, a link for access to the portal coupled with a user guides and how-to video will be emailed to the requested user generally within 24-48 hours from submission.


In the need of support, customers are encouraged to reach out to their customer success manager or sales representative.

However, support can be obtained by emailing the Customer Portal manager at or by calling (757) 229-2581 and asking for Brennan during our normal business hours (8 am – 5 pm). All efforts should be made to ensure your customer success manager is included in the email or phone traffic.