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Since 1946, Cox-Powell Corporation has been offering turnkey electrical services in industrial and commercial facilities. Reliability is assured by working with our experienced professional in-house electricians.


Few things are more important than a properly functioning electrical system for safety, cost savings, and efficiency. As a result, our experienced electricians are some of the most highly skilled technicians in the industry. From switch gears and lighting upgrades to transformers and adding panels and circuits, Cox-Powell’s trained professionals can help with any electrical job—large or small.

Additionally, our services include electrical troubleshooting and diagnostics to maintain equipment and components. We offer many turnkey electrical solutions in technical production and commercial facilities.

Regardless of your need, our services are going to be backed by our commitment to safety and the highest level of customer service. Contact us today to learn more. 


Safety is of primary importance in everything we do. Markedly, we follow OSHA guidelines regarding electrical safety procedures. These guidelines ensure safe work practices, protect personnel, and reduce exposure to electrical hazards.

Additionally, the provisions encompass safety-related work practices, maintenance requirements, and requirements for special equipment.

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Thousands of customers, from major industrial and institutional facilities to large commercial structures, call us when they need electrical help. Our full-service, custom-tailored solutions results in a complete industrial energy-efficiency retrofit plan.

Further, our expert electrical technicians train in the most extensive technical and safety procedures. This ensures your project has the utmost quality and care, as has been noted.


You’ll be amazed by the dramatic savings to your facility’s power bill with Cox-Powell’s custom-designed Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Plan.

The many benefits include:

-Reduced lighting power consumption by up to 50%
-Investment payback often in less than two years
-Longer lamp life (with less maintenance)
-No hazardous waste disposal
-Better color rendering

CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan

Throughout our website the CARE SERVICE® Maintenance is referenced quite extensively.   The CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan is our commitment and pledge to you.  This commitment and pledge outlines your maintenance agreement with us and is our promise to you the customer to provide top-notch service.  Experience the Cox-Powell Difference Today!

Olde Towne Electric

Since 1946, Cox Powell Corporation has been a leading provider of Electrical services in the Hampton Roads, Richmond, and northern North Carolina areas. 

Originally founded in 1979 as a residential electrical contractor, Olde Towne Electric was the only certified electrical installer for the Colonial Williamsburg Area and it’s historical preservation.   In keeping with as near as possible to the Colonial times without electricity, Olde Towne Electric was charged with keeping that historical feel to the whole area but at the same time allowing buildings to be up to code for tourist occupancy. 

In 2005, Cox-Powell Corporation incorporated the name and business lineage of Olde Towne Electric in cooperation with Colonial Williamsburg.  In doing, Olde Towne Electric still maintains a presence among patrons within the Historical Sections of Colonial Williamsburg.

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Olde Towne Electric

Incorporated by Cox-Powell Corporation, Olde Towne Electric has become an integrated division of Cox-Powell Corporation. Cox-Powell Corporation has completed various projects involving commercial, industrial, and institutional customers for electrical needs. As a result, incorporating Olde Towne Electric makes us a full-service HVAC contractor boasting our electrical division.