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Commercial and industrial refrigeration systems serves a large contingent of the food-service industry. One of the most critical components of your commercial or industrial operation is your large-scale refrigeration unit’s functionality. At Cox-Powell, we aim to provide diversified services with pride and professionalism. Let our CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan and our expert technicians cover your cold storage plants, walk-in boxes, or production facilities.


Our technicians possess unique skills as they escalate through our mentorship and training program. We recruit technicians based on their experience handling different HVAC applications and service types. Our technicians are industry certified in handling the latest refrigerant technology, improving your unit’s efficiency and longevity.

Additionally, when it comes to a large-scale refrigeration operation, our technicians enter a diverse and robust type of application. To comply with Department of Health certifications and inspection criteria, food service and production operations require specific and closely monitored temperature ranges. As a result, at Cox-Powell, our technicians come fully prepared, EPA Certified®, and trained to handle the less commonly used chemical compositions of brine systems and R-502 applications.

Moreover, less common refrigerants are usually foreign to smaller-scale commercial HVAC contractors. Let us take that worry away from you with the Cox-Powell difference!   


From smaller commercial ice machines to sizeable full-scale ice plants, let our CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan secure your peace of mind regarding the reliability of your commercial or industrial refrigeration application.

In addition to service and maintenance, we can procure and install a new ice machine or commercial refrigeration unit to suit your business’s needs. With a diverse and technical staff, we can even coordinate and install the plumbing to your new unit. For example, replace leaky or out-of-service piping.

Being a full-service contractor, we eliminate the middleman where costs can increase, and project delays become more frequent. Also, we couple technology to your unit and monitor it with the Key2Act’s® Connect program. The results can provide vital feedback about problems with your equipment before they become a major headache.

We look forward to serving your business’s needs with a full-scale estimate and plan for your units.  

Inside of a commercial refrigeration system
Commercial ice maker machine
refrigeration system fans


Your refrigeration units are mission-critical systems that can quickly cost you a fortune when they go down, both in lost business and wasted perishable food.

Moreover, even refrigeration equipment working but with poor temperature control can cost you a bundle of spoiled food and higher energy bills. Also, not to mention the risk of health code violations and damaging your reputation.

As a result, our knowledgeable and friendly technicians are committed to doing what it takes to keep your refrigeration equipment up and running at peak efficiency. We act as a trusted partner that understands your business, helping you to design new systems, make intelligent equipment decisions and plan for future needs.

We can provide and service:

  • Walk-in or Reach-in Refrigeration Units
  • Walk-in or Reach-in Freezers
  • Commercial Ice Makers
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Ice Plants
  • Refrigerated Warehouses


Refrigeration at the commercial and industrial levels is a massive consumer of electrical energy. Because of this, Cox-Powell boasts our own electrical division. We have the engineering and expertise to ensure that your electrical loads are managed properly.

Appropriately sized supporting electrical components are critical to your operation. However, corners are often cut, or circuits are improperly sized for the loads they carry.

As a result, you might be experiencing frequent circuit breaker trips, buzzing electrical panels, underperforming compressor units and fans, and other electrical load-diminishing occurrences.

Our trained personnel can utilize a thermographic survey to manage and identify problem areas and poor or faulty connections.

Experience the difference with Cox-Powell’s Electrical division to meet your building and equipment needs.  

A History of Refrigeration Solutions

Cox-Powell Corporation has been providing refrigeration solutions since 1946. Many facilities including food processing, cold storage, chemical process and commercial office buildings benefit from single source solutions for their refrigeration and mechanical requirements. Cox-Powell is that single source.


• Design and Engineering
• Installation and Fabrication
• Renovation and Retrofit
• Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
• Emergency and After-Hours Response
• Time and Material Service
• Compressor Rebuilds, Valve Replacements, Etc.


• Mechanical Integrity Inspections
• Piping Integrity Inspections
• Thermal Imaging
• Vibration Analysis
• Third Party Inspections
• Annual Pressure Relief Valve Check
• Safety Equipment and PPE Recommendations


Since 1946, Cox Powell Corporation has been a leading provider of HVAC services in the Hampton Roads, Richmond, and northern North Carolina areas. 

Cox Powell would like you to experience the Cox Powell Difference. 

Any member of our Service or Installer Division would be pleased to share with you how we can enhance the performance of your mechanical and refrigeration systems.

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