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You probably were once told or have heard from a father or grandfather, “To always have the right tool for the job”. At Cox-Powell, thermography has become an invaluable tool with a wide array of applications.

Thermography is used in commercial refrigeration systems, energy loss assessments, electrical installations, and HVAC applications.

Employing thermography technology allows Cox Powell to give it’s customer the most accurate estimates as well as assessments for service and repair. 


Cox-Powell Corporation can perform infrared (IR) inspections with equipment on-line with no disruption to productivity. Inspections can be scheduled for all critical services. Infrared can also be used as a diagnostic tool for building and mechanical systems and often satisfies insurance carriers requirements for predictive maintenance inspections.  With little to no downtime, we can provide the most accurate assessments to your equipment.  

Thermography Inspections
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Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings has highest priority and infrared thermography greatly contributes to reaching this goal. Inspections with infrared cameras quickly and easily indicate insulation problems of buildings. To do so the infrared camera systems need to come with a respective good resolution. At Cox-Powell, our CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan begins with an optional thermal assessment.   This assessment puts you in the driver’s seat of your building maintenance with a plan that identifies hot spots and temperature fluctuations. 

Thermography scan of loose connection
HVAC Technician using equipment for thermography scan


IR Technology has been around for many years.  Interestingly, most reptiles use a version of infrared sight to determine the location of their prey and places to keep warm.   Everything has a heat signature and gives off some sort of infrared energy.  Utilizing an expertly trained technician we have experience in analyzing thermal imagery on a wide variety of equipment.    The use of this tool is best at determining heat levels or cooling loss levels over the following components and applications:

  • Electrical Circuit Breaker Panels/Fuse Disconnects
  • Electrical Overloading of transmission lines
  • Process and Computer Equipment
  • Boilers
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Refrigeration
  • Motor Windings Bearings
  • Pipe Leaks Heat Losses
  • Moisture Problems


Infrared thermography is the quickest and most efficient method to detect energy waste, moisture intrusion, electrical problems, identify missing insulation, plumbing and structural defects in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the issues are and helps focus the inspector’s attention allowing him to diagnose the areas in need of repair.  In addition to energy efficiency, equipment may run at hotter than normal temps thereby reducing it’s lifespan.  Consequently, an overheating piece of equipment or overloaded electrical component is at risk for failure, or a building fire. 

CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan

Throughout our website the CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan is referenced quite extensively.   The CARE SERVICE® Maintenance Plan is our commitment and pledge to you.  This commitment and pledge outlines your maintenance agreement with us and is our promise to you the customer to provide top-notch service.  Experience the Cox-Powell Difference Today!

  • Thermography scan of electrical control box
  • Commercial building thermography scan
  • Thermography scan of motors
  • Infrared thermography scan of pipe leak
  • Infrared thermography scan of a heat pump
  • Commercial infrared building inspections
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